Meet the Owner

My name is Aneesah Davis-Carothers, CEO of BEad Yourself LLC. As a wife, mom, and working woman, life can get pretty hectic. We all have that stress reliever that helps give the feeling of peace. Some like to go to a happy hour after work, or some like to read  books. My peace is creating breath taking jewelry.

I started creating beaded bracelets in 2011. I bought a bunch of beads and began making bracelets, while sitting on my living room floor. Beading was a way for me to escape from real life, my stress reliever. I then began to give all the bracelets  away to everyone in my family and my friends.  Watching others wear pieces that I created and feel good about themselves while wearing the jewelry, was very rewarding!

It wasn't until 2017, when I realized that beading and creating jewelry, for me, is more than my peace and more than my hobby. This is simply a lifestyle, and even a movement. The BEad Yourself brand is all about being confident and simply being yourself through the use of fashion and jewelry.

Jewelry is the finishing touch to an outfit. It tells a story about your look for the day, or that special event. I love nothing more than see others confidently be themselves while wearing BEad Yourself. BE You, BE Amazing, Never BE Afraid to BEad Yourself.