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Creating handmade & personalized jewelry that embodies your vision....

Your Values......

Your personality......

Your Style!!!.... Don't be afraid to BEad Yourself

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About Us

About Us

BEad Yourself is jewelry with YOU in mind! It was created by a wife, a mom, and your average everyday working woman who loves to wear creative & exclusive jewelry. It started off as a hobby, creating beautiful pieces for everyone and making them feel proud to wear "Their" personally made jewelry. BEad Yourself was created to encourage you to simply be yourself through the use of fashion and jewelry. With that in mind, we lay out the ground work and give YOU the creative leeway to express yourself with your vision, your values, and your style! All of our pieces are composed of semi precious stones, quality metals, and are handmade. With our  jewelry, we work with you so that you can wear that statement piece or pieces that represent YOU! BE you, BE amazing, and never BE afraid to BEad Yourself!!!

~Aneesah Davis-Carothers (Owner/Jewelry Creator)

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